Sunday, February 01, 2009

amd vs. INTEL vs. microsoft vs. LINUX

I've been a GNU/LINUX fan for over a decade now! I've had some struggles (switching back to windows) earlier in the decade and becoming loyal (LINUX only on my home computers) later (2007) in the decade.
I can say the same for AMD and INTEL because AMD has had a better price/performance ratio.
Now we enter 2009 with a change and I'm changing my story on INTEL and it's all because of moblin2 which Intel is has fostered. Intel has customized linux to it's atom cpu and it's not only booting in seconds it's great. AMD this is your wake up call! I also like the fact that INTC(Intel) is investing $100,000,000 in development that involves Linux.
Here are some articles for further reading:

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