Saturday, December 24, 2011

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tablet or e-reader???

I was recently ask this ?
Hey would like to pick your brain on I pads and e-readers. Do they do the same thing? how do they compare in price? Do you have either one? I would like to be able to go online to Pioneer Library system and download e-books to take on vacations and any time I am in the car.

My response:

The difference between a tablet (ipad or android) and a true ereader (amazon kindle or barnes and noble nook) is that ereaders are made for one thing and that is reading books on a little screen and tablets are more like a laptop with a touchscreen and no keyboard.
If you want just an ereader then the Kindle from Amazon is the way to go at $139 it's the best in class ereader but that's it > It's only for reading books, not browsing the internet or playing games etc...

An Ipad can be found online for about $400 and a new Ipad2 new online for about $600
I do have friends that have ipad and ipad2 and also acer Android tablets which are cheaper and better than ipads in a lot of ways.  Android tablets have a broad range from $150-$600 and the best one I've seen is the acer iconia tablet at $399 based on android 3.0 by google

If it were me I'd go with the Acer iconia in the link above, however if I had the money I'd rather go top notch and go to best buy and get a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 32g for $600.

Or the absolute BEST is $793 that has wifi AND 3g(to use over the cell networks while your on the road).

So if all you want is the best ereader click the 1st link and get it from amazon.

If you want a lightweight laptop(tablets can do so much more than just read books ex: videos, hook up to tv, games, internet, etc...) without a keyboard then get an Android based tablet.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

(click picture to view the animated gif) This is the quickest way to get to google!  Click chrome and wait half a second > this only works as fast if your using LINUX instead of windows!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Google and it's VP8 video is the best!

VP8 is for HD video on the web so for those of you who all the sudden can't watch some video's on the web it's because the website your on supports only the older more expensive(for companies) H.264 video fromat.  Google has transitioned it's chrome browser to support the best HD video available (VP8) and I think Netflix might be doing this soon because VP8 is so much better(faster and quality wise) for HD and it's free for all.  H.264 is slower because it takes more computing power (cpu) to use and it cost's the companies that use it in there video big money.  For more on VP8 just google it and/or refer to this article

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peppermint OS One-01042011

Just a quick note about the new and improved Peppermint OS One-01042011: It's the slickest, most responsive GNU/LINUX OS that I've tried to date. or the direct download link is a complete review will be on this weekend.